Leading figures

Ivan Bratukhin

(1903 – 1985)
Ivan Bratukhin

Soviet aircraft designer. D.Sc. Engineering, Professor specialising in helicopter design, honoured science and engineering professional.

Ivan Bratukhin was born in February 1903 in the village of Yashchera, Kirov region.

In 1930, Bratukhin graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical Institute, and became a graduate student in the Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1932 he was appointed assistant professor. Later, Bratukhin worked on rotor driven aircraft in the special constructions section at the Central Aerodynamics Institute.

In 1940, Bratukhin headed the experimental construction bureau specialising in helicopters at the Moscow Aviation Institute. Here, under Ivan Bratukhin’s leadership, a series of experimental transverse rotor models of helicopters were developed: the Omega, Omega II, G-3, G-4, B-5 and B-11.

In the 1950s, Bratukhin worked at the Helicopter Design and construction faculty at the Moscow Aviation Institute. In particular, he managed construction groups working to develop a vertical takeoff and landing amphibious and transport plane.

In 1962, Ivan Bratukhin was awarded a D.Sc. in Engineering for his work defining the failure boundaries on rotor blades. In 1964 he was awarded the title Honoured Scientist and Engineer. He also held orders of Lenin, the October Revolution and the Red Banner of Labour.