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Alexey Cheremukhin

(1895 – 1958)
Alexey Cheremukhin

Soviet aircraft designer, created the first Soviet helicopter. Military pilot, fought in the First World War.

Alexey Cheremukhin was born in May 1895 in Moscow.

In 1914, Alexey Cheremukhin enrolled in St Petersburg Polytechnic Institute Mechanics faculty.

During the First World War, he joined the 13th aviation corps detachment. In 1915, he was sent to enrol in the Imperial Moscow Flight Society’s school, where he was taught by Nikolai Zhukovsky. There Cheremukhin met Andrei Tupolev. That year he sat his pilot’s exam, and in April 1916 completed his first military flight.

Cheremukhin was awarded Russian Imperial medals for service in battle, and the French Croix de Guerre.

After returning to Moscow, Cheremukhin took part in establishing the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, the first dedicated aviation institution in the USSR. He worked there as a test pilot from 1920. In 1924 he started taking a more active role in design work, and on the construction of the T-1 wind tunnel.

In the 1930s, Cheremukhin developed and tested the first Soviet helicopter – TSAGI 1- EA – and on 14 August 1932 achieved a record 605 metres in it.