Nikolay Zhukovsky

Nikolay Zhukovsky

Founded the science of aerodynamics. Honoured professor at Moscow State University, author of numerous reports on aerodynamics.

Nikolay Zhukovsky was born in January 1847 in the village of Orekhovo in Russia’s Vladimir region.

In 1894, Zhukovsky enrolled in Moscow State University’s Physics and Mathematics Faculty, and from 1886 he was a professor in the University’s applied mechanics department. Zhukovsky carried out extensive research into aerodynamics, including the ground-breaking work on bird flight “On soaring birds”.

In his “On the Chernushenko Flying Projectile,” published later, he paved the way for the vertical loop.

Zhukovsky is recognised as having developed the fundamental ideas underlying aviation as a modern scientific discipline. He was the first to address some of the most difficult issues and, in doing so, come to key conclusions.

In 1898 Zhukovsky published his seminal “On aeronautics” and in 1904, he set out the law on aircraft wing lift.

Zhukovsky is recognised as the progenitor of Russian aviation as a result of his numerous scientific discoveries in this field. 

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