Nikolay Kamov

Nikolay Kamov

Legendary Soviet aircraft designer, D.Sc Engineering, created the Ka helicopters, was awarded the USSR State Prize

Nikolay Kamov was born in September 1902 in Irkutsk.

Kamov enrolled in the Engineering Faculty at Tomsk Technological Institute in 1918. He had already developed quite an interest in aviation, and had been to numerous test flights. Nikolai Kamov graduated from the institute, with honours, before he turned 20, becoming the youngest engineering graduate in its history.

Nine years later, Kamov had created his first autogyro, the KASKR-1 (named Krasny Inzhener or Red Engineer). The A-7 autogyro, developed under Kamov’s supervision, was deployed during WWII.

In 1940, Kamov was appointed chief designer at the Soviet Union’s first factory producing rotor aircraft. He is credited with first coining the Russian word for helicopter – vertolyot.

He was honoured with numerous state awards, including the USSR State Prize, and the Hero of Socialist Labour.

It was under Kamov’s supervision that the Ka-8, Ka-10, Ka-15, Ka-18, Ka-25, Ka-26, Ka-22 helicopters and Sever-2 and Ka-30 were created.

On 28 February 1974 the Ukhtomsky Helicopter Plant was renamed in Kamov’s honour.