Leading figures

Dmitry Ryabushinsky

(1882 – 1962)
Dmitry Ryabushinsky

Russian/French scientist specialising in hydro and aero dynamics. Co-founder of the Aerodynamics Institute at Kuchino.

Dmitry Ryabushinsky was born in November 1882 in Moscow.

In 1904, Ryabushinsky established the world’s first Aerodynamic Institute. Zhukovsky developed the plans for the institute, which was based at Ryabushinsky’s Kuchino estate.

He led advances in several scientific disciplines, including theoretical mechanics and fluid and gas dynamics, making a significant contribution to the fundamentals of aviation, and published about 200 research articles on these subjects.

Ryabushinsky taught in Moscow and Paris, his home from 1919. In France, Ryabushinsky founded the Russian Higher Technical Institute.