Leading figures

Vsevolod Vinnitsky

(1915 – 1993)
Vsevolod Vinnitsky

Test-pilot who set numerous significant world records, often risking his life. USSR Master of Sport.

Vsevolod Vinnitsky was born in 1915.

In 1950 he started working at the Mil experimental design bureau, and at that time had no experience flying helicopters. In 1959 he set five helicopter world records – not just in different classes of helicopter, but in ones built to different designs. He set two records in the light, multirole, single-rotor Mi-1 helicopter, one in the Mi-4 medium weight transport helicopter, and two in the light, multirole, coaxial Ka-15.

One of Vinnitsky's most notable test flights was the experiment to establish the load during in-flight tail rotor blade failure on the Mi-4. Vinnitsky was injured on landing, but the experiment made it possible to determine the load on particular components, which in turn paved the way for changing the design to ensure greater resilience.

In 1957 he was awarded the order of the Red Banner of Labour, and in 1962 he was given the title of USSR Master of Sport.