Мi-28NE "Night Hunter"


General Information

The Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” is a modern attack helicopter designed to carry out search and destroy operations against tanks, armoured and un-armoured vehicles, and enemy personnel in combat, as well as low-speed airborne targets. It can operate night and day, and in adverse weather conditions.

The Mi-28N “Night Hunter” has been officially accepted into service with the Russian Ministry of Defence. The “Night Hunter” meets the latest international standards for combat attack helicopters, and Mi-28NE is its export version.

The Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” is designed for the following missions:

  • providing fire support for forward ground forces;
  • acting as part of the anti-tank reserve;
  • accompanying and supporting tactical airborne assault and airborne assault force units;
  • combating enemy tactical airborne assault forces;
  • combating low-speed, low-altitude airborne targets.

The main targets for the Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” are:

  • tanks, self-propelled artillery, and military anti-air defence units;
  • armoured infantry vehicles, APCs, and vehicles;
  • individual weapons (launchers), field and nuclear artillery batteries;
  • light military equipment (individual targets);
  • enemy personnel;
  • helicopters and low-altitude, low-speed airborne planes.

On-board equipment supports:

  • flight and navigation in favourable and adverse weather conditions at low and extremely low altitudes with overflight and automated obstacle warning systems;
  • firepower use day and night in favourable and adverse weather conditions, when the targets are identifiable visually and by using technical means;
  • effective communications equipment.

Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” helicopters boast advanced flight capabilities, and can execute aerobatic manoeuvres. The renowned Berkuty (Golden Eagles) flight display team have operated the new Mi-28N “Night Hunter” since 2012.

Russian Helicopters is engaged in ongoing work to advance and improve the flight capabilities of the Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” helicopter. A special Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” helicopter model was developed for pilot training, boasting a dual control system for use training Mi-28NE pilots while retaining the helicopter’s full attack capabilities. 

Normal take-off weight
10,900 kg
Speed (ISA, H= 0)
220 km/h
300 km/h
270 km/h
Hover ceiling (ISA, OGE)
3,600 m
Operational ceiling (ISA, OGE)
5,600 m
Engine type
Take-off power
2×2,200 h. p.

Primary weapons:

air-to-ground missile armament suites «Ataka-B» and «IGLA»
air-to-air missile armament suites «Strelets»
movable gun mount with gun of cal. 30 mm
НАР Б-8В20А rocket pods with S-8 and НАР Б-13Л1 rocket
S-13 rocket pods of cal. 80 mm и 130 mm
airborne radar over the rotor hub assembly
round-the-clock target sight system ОПС-28 М


round-the-clock operation in adverse and friendly weather conditions
killing of enemy armored targets using guided weapons
manual and automatic nap-of-the-earth flight
stand-alone solo stationing
reliable armoring

Defense suite:

spacing of engines
insulation of engines by airframe elements
composite materials used for fabrication of main rotor and tail rotor blades
redundancy of fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic mains
shielding of vital units by units of secondary importance
filling of airframe spaces by foam material
armoring of cockpit and vital units
fire protection of power plant, hydraulic systems, other fire hazardous units and compartments
explosion protection of fuel tanks (by foam polyurethane)
protection of fuel tanks from fuel leakage from holes (self-sealing,
use of diaphragms
application of nonflammable fluids

Crew survivability is provided by:

installation of shock absorbing crew seats with parachute escape system
shock absorbing landing gear
installation of emergency jettisoning system for portside and starboard cockpit doors and wing panels
installation of inflatable rubber bags for avoidance of collision with landing gear at emergency abandoning
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