Kamov Design Bureau Engineering offices

Sergei Mikhailuk

Executive Director, Kamov Design Bureau

Sergei Mikhailuk appointed to the position of executive director of JSC "Kamov" on September 1, 2017.

Sergei Mikhailuk was born on February 28, 1958 in Belaia Tserkov, Kiev region.

In 1978, Mr. Mikhailuk graduated from the first Kharkov technical aviation institute, in 1985 he graduated from Kiev Military Aviation Engineering Academy, in 1990 he finished postgraduate studies in Kiev Military Aviation Engineering Academy. PhD in technical sciences, senior research officer, author of 46 scientific papers.

He served in military units; then in the 13th State Scientific and Research Institute for aviation product maintenance of the Russian Defense Ministry. After completing military service in 2001, Sergei Mikhailuk joined JSC "Kamov" as deputy chief designer for maintenance; in 2006 he was transferred to the position of director for operation support. From 2010 he was transferred to the position of deputy executive director for after sales support - deputy general designer in integrated logistics support and operation, JSC "Kamov".

From 2013 he worked in JSC "Mil Moscow Helicopter plant" as deputy executive director for after sales support - deputy general designer in integrated logistics support and operation.

Sergei Mikheev

General Designer, Kamov Design Bureau
Sergei Mikheev is an academic, researcher and helicopter designer. He has served as General Designer of Kamov Design Bureau since 1987.
Born in 1938, Mikheev joined the Kamov design and testing bureau in 1962 after graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1967 he was appointed Leading Designer, and promoted in 1971 to Head of the Frame Construction Department. In 1974 he was appointed Chief Designer, and in 1987 General Designer.
Under Sergei Mikheev's leadership, Kamov has developed modern civillian and military coaxial helicopters, including shipborne helicopters with automatic flight control and navigation systems as well as the latest generation of combat helicopters.
Sergei Mikheev has written 138 scientific papers and 8 monographs, and teaches at the Moscow Aviation Institute. He is a member of the International Helicopter Association of the United States and Europe, and is president of the Russian Helicopter Society and the Helicopter Industry Association. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin twice, and also holds the Order of the October Revolution and several medals. Sergei Mikheev has received the USSR Lenin Prize, Russian state awards including Hero of Russia, and the Tupolev prize.