Kamov Design Bureau Engineering offices

Vladimir Makareikin

Executive Director, Kamov Design Bureau
Vladimir Makareikin was appointed Executive Director at Kamov Design Bureau on 11 March 2015.
Vladimir Makareikin was born on May 17, 1956 in Ross’ (Grodno region).
Vladimir Makareikin has been with Russian Helicopters since its formation in 2007 and has occupied the positions of Deputy CEO for Strategic Development and Director for Innovative Development and State Programmes.
Makareikin graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1979, specialising in helicopter construction, and started his career serving with the Armed Forces, as an helicopter flight engineer, later serving at military representative offices within the aviation industry.
After many years serving with the Air Force's procurement division and time with State Corporation Rosoboronexport, Makareikin concluded his period of service in 2002, when he took up a position at United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom. There he was involved in developing initiatives to integrate helicopter-building enterprises in Russia.
From 2004 to 2007, Makareikin held the post of Deputy CEO for Strategic Development at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.
Makareikin has been awarded the badge of honour Honoured Aircraft Builder, and medals including For Services to the Motherland, and For Strengthening Military Cooperation.

Sergei Mikheev

General Designer, Kamov Design Bureau
Sergei Mikheev is an academic, researcher and helicopter designer. He has served as General Designer of Kamov Design Bureau since 1987.
Born in 1938, Mikheev joined the Kamov design and testing bureau in 1962 after graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1967 he was appointed Leading Designer, and promoted in 1971 to Head of the Frame Construction Department. In 1974 he was appointed Chief Designer, and in 1987 General Designer.
Under Sergei Mikheev's leadership, Kamov has developed modern civillian and military coaxial helicopters, including shipborne helicopters with automatic flight control and navigation systems as well as the latest generation of combat helicopters.
Sergei Mikheev has written 138 scientific papers and 8 monographs, and teaches at the Moscow Aviation Institute. He is a member of the International Helicopter Association of the United States and Europe, and is president of the Russian Helicopter Society and the Helicopter Industry Association. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin twice, and also holds the Order of the October Revolution and several medals. Sergei Mikheev has received the USSR Lenin Prize, Russian state awards including Hero of Russia, and the Tupolev prize.

Tretyakov Dmitry

Actuando director ejecutivo de la SAA "Kamov"
Dmitry Tretyakov has been Acting Executive Director of Kamov Design Bureau since 1 April 2013.
Dmitry Tretyakov was born in 1971. In 1995 he graduated in power engineering from Bauman Moscow Technical University.
Tretyakov has great experience in aviation construction. From 2004 to 2008 he worked at Boeing Russia, and from 2008 to 2009 served as Deputy Director of Production at United Aircraft Corporation – Civil Aircraft.
In 2010 Tretyakov was appointed Deputy Executive Director for Development at Kamov Design Bureau, and continued in that post until 2012, when he was appointed Technical Director at Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, another Russian Helicopters company, which produces helicopters for Kamov Design Bureau.