Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise Helicopter factory

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise was established in 1962 from the Kumertau Machinery and Repair Plant and specialises in producing coaxial helicopters designed by Kamov Design Bureau.

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise produces all helicopter types for the Russian Navy, including the Ka-27, Ka-29 and Ka-31 modifications, which boast unique technical attributes and are used by naval forces worldwide.

In addition to military helicopters, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise also produces commercial rotorcraft, including the new multirole Ka-32A11BC based on the Ka-27PS search and rescue model, and the Ka-226T light helicopter.

The Ka-32A11BC operates in many countries around the world as an effective fire-fighting helicopter, and is also capable of transporting cargo both in the fuselage and on an external sling, logging, SAR, medical evacuation and performing routine patrol. The Ka-32A11BC is EASA certified and meets FAR-29 and AP-29 standards.

The light multirole Ka-226T is capable of landing on small, unprepared ground, including in built-up areas. It is designed for paramedic assistance, special operations, and transporting cargo on an external sling or within its fuselage. The Ka-226T meets the latest safety, environmental and fuel efficiency requirements.

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise is currently upgrading its facilities as part of Russian Helicopters' overall strategy for developing its production capacities. Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise provides training for its pilots and engineers. After completing their training, pilots are awarded a course certificate, their examination mark sheet and a record of their flights.

Ka- helicopters operate in over 30 countries and are employed in special operations worldwide.