Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise Helicopter factory

Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise was established in 1963 from the Kumertau machinery and repair plant.

Production of amphibious and land aviation technology began in 1963, with the first product, the Ka-26, released in 1968. In 1972, the plant was renamed Kumertau Helicopter Plant, and in 1977 became part of the Kumertau Aircraft Production Association.

From 1973–1989, unmanned reconnaissance drones were produced, along with the М-17 aeroplane and part of the wing for the Tu-154.

From 1982–1985, the plant was involved in the creation of the Buran aerospace system.

In 1992, the association was reorganised into Kumertau Aircraft Production Enterprise.

In 2001, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise began producing the new Ka-31 radar picket helicopter.

In 2008, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise changed its legal status to that of joint-stock company, and became part of Russian Helicopters.

In 2003, mass production of the Ka-226 helicopter began, followed by the Ka226T with Arrius 2 G engines produced by French company Turbomeca.

The enterprise manufactures helicopters under the Ka brand:

  • Ka-27PL (anti-submarine, transport)
  • Ka-27 PS (search and rescue)
  • Ka-31 (radar)
  • Ka-252 RLD (radar picket)
  • Ka-32A (certified to Russian standards, multi-purpose, transport category)
  • Ka-226/Т (certified, light, multi-purpose)
  • Ka-32А11BC (certified, multi-purpose, transport category)