Kazan Helicopters Helicopter factory

Kazan Helicopters dates back to 1940. It produces the latest modifications for commercial and military Mi-8/17 series helicopters designed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant – including Mi-8MTV-5, Mi-17V-5 and Mi-172. Kazan Helicopters is also responsible for the development and production of the Ansat light helicopter and its modification, the Ansat-U, designed for pilot training.

Kazan Helicopters works closely with Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant on upgrades to Mi- series helicopters, and its latest task is to prepare for the production for the new Mi-38 transport and passenger helicopter. At the end of the final quarter of 2013, Kazan Helicopters produced four prototypes due for certification in 2015, when production is also planned to start. The Mi-38 can be employed in a wide range of climate conditions and can be stored outdoors. Russian Helicopters predicts high demand for the Mi-38 in all key markets.

Kazan Helicopters is undergoing extensive technical refitting, as part of Russian Helicopters’ strategy to modernise its production facilities. As part of this process, Kazan Helicopters is being fitted with high-performance equipment and introducing standardised production processes. The refitting of the plant's production facilities will help reduce production delays and increase output volumes, while raising the quality and robustness of the helicopters it produces and expanding its product range.

The Russian-designed helicopters produced in Kazan have flown a total of more than 50 million flight hours around the world. Since its founding, Kazan Helicopter Plant has produced over 12,000 helicopters.