Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant Engineering offices

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant traces its roots to the design bureau established by Mikhail Mil under a decree by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on December 12, 1947.


Light multi-purpose helicopter. First flight — September 20, 194. First Russian-made mass-produced helicopter


Light multi-purpose helicopter. First flight — September 22, 1961. For many years the primary training and sports helicopter in the Soviet Union


Transport and multi-purpose helicopter. First flight — April 30, 1952. Laid the foundation for mass domestic helicopter aviation


Heavy-lift transport helicopter. First flight — June 5, 1957. The Mi-6 laid the foundations of Soviet and later Russian and priorities in global heavy-lift helicopter construction.


Medium multi-purpose helicopter. First flight — June 24, 1961. Most commonly manufactured helicopter in mass production globally. More than 12,000 units manufactured


Amphibian helicopter. First flight — August 1, 1961. Largest amphibian helicopter in the world. Is capable of take-off / landing and basing on water


Flying Crane. First flight — January 14, 1965. High-tech means of assembly, construction and handling


Ultra-heavy transport helicopter. First flight — June 27, 1967. Heaviest helicopter in the world


Transport and combat helicopter. First flight — September 19, 1969. World’s most-used combat helicopter. Used by the armed forces of more than 50 countries worldwide


Heavy-lift transport and amphibious helicopter. First flight — December 14, 1977. The Mi-26 can lift more weight than any other helicopter in the world.

Mi-28N Night Hunter

Combat and strike helicopter suitable for operation day and night. First flight — November 14, 1996. Selected as the primary combat and strike helicopter for Russia’s armed forces


Training and multi-purpose helicopter. First flight — November 17, 1986. The world’s only light helicopter that performs all helicopter aerobatic manoeuvres


New multi-purpose helicopter with increased lift capacity. First flight — December 22, 2003