“Nighttime Moscow” Race to be Attended by Representatives of Leading Russian and International Aviation Clubs
26.07.2013 / Moscow

Russia’s top helicopter crews will take part in a helicopter show known as Nighttime Moscow, which will be held on July 26 at Russian Helicopter Systems’ first Russian heliport, with the support of Russian Helicopters Corporation.

The first Nighttime Moscow helicopter show will open with the takeoff of a Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopter, which will carry the Russian flag over the crowd. The Ka-226T is one of the tallest helicopters in its class, thanks to its coaxial rotors in combination with Arrius 2G1 turboshaft engines made by the French company Turbomeca, which reach 580 hp at takeoff. The design of the helicopter is typical of the Kamov Design Bureau. The Ka-226T’s 10 m/s maximum rate of climb, environmental friendliness, low noise and high maneuverability make it suitable for a variety of climatic and terrain conditions, including densely populated cities and highlands. The Ka-226T can be used as an air ambulance, in rescue operations, to patrol protected areas, in airborne insertion of special units to unprepared sites, in operations involving undersling load carrying and carrying cargo inside the cabin. The new Ka-226T was first introduced to the public in May of this year at HeliRussia in Moscow. Russian Helicopters plans to show a Ka-226T rigged out for medical evacuation at MAKS-2013, which will take place from 27 August to 1 September inthe city of Zhukovsky. It is expected that the helicopter will take part in the flight program.

The helicopter race above Moscow’s Ring Road will start immediately after the flight of the Ka-226T. A total of ten crews are scheduled to participate in the Nighttime Moscow show and helicopter races. Among the pilots will be representatives of leading Russian and international aviation clubs, including Maxim Sotnikov, who was named Pilot of the Year at the 2010 Helicopter Industry Association Awards; Oleg Puodzhyukas, a member of the Russian national helicopter sport team; Yevgenia Kurpitko, a member of the First Women’s helicopter Squadron (Kolibri), Absolute Helicopter Sport Champion of Europe and a member of the Russian national helicopter sport team; Yelena Zhuperina, the only female winner of the World Air Games; Natalia Trofimova, Director of Strategy at Russian Helicopter Systems; Yekaterina Oreshnikova, Commander of the Emergencies Ministry’s (Emercom’s) Aviation Crew; Alexander Zhuperin, Master of Sports of Russia, a member of the Russian national team and Absolute Champion of the 14th FAI World Helicopter Championships; Alexander Kurylev, a participant in the First Trans-Atlantic and Baltic flights by helicopters, Absolute World Champion in aerobatics; pilots of the Russian Helicopter Systems flying club Alexander Kokin, Azat Karimov, Eduard Ivanov, Alexei Vinogradov, and many others.

Guests of the event will be able to follow the progress of the race from the Russian Helicopter Systems’ heliport, which will be equipped with special screens to broadcast telemetry data and video directly from the helicopters of the participants. The event will end with an award ceremony for the winners of the race, followed by a fireworks display.

For more information about the program of the event, such as the rules of the race and the route, as well as the lineup of the participating teams, visit Live video coverage of the Nighttime Moscow event will be available on the website. Live video feeds from the helicopters will be provided by Megafon via 4g mobile Internet.

The general partner of the first Nighttime Moscow helicopter show is Russian Helicopters Corporation.

For more information, including on obtaining media accreditation, please contact Azad Karryev at Russian Helicopter Systems’ Public Relations Office on 7 916 601 8351 (mobile) or 7 495 669 2131 (office), or email him on

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