Up to 200 Russian-made helicopters take part in UN peacekeeping and humanitarian missions
09.10.2014 / Moscow

Russian Helicopters (part of State Corporation Rostec), has showcased Russian aviation technology's unparalleled contribution to supporting international humanitarian missions at the Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference & Exhibition. The conference is being held under the auspices of the United Nations' World Food Programme from 7-9 October in Geneva (Switzerland). Russian Helicopters' experts estimate that up to 200 Russian-made helicopters are currently involved in UN peacekeeping and humanitarian operations around the world.

A large proportion of UN contracts are urgent, thus helicopters needed to be delivered and operational in very tight timelines. Russian-made helicopters are easy to transport: they can be rapidly disassembled for transportation by plane and assembled on-site. Russian Helicopters' products do not need to be stored in hangars and can be operated a distance from their service centres.

Today, Russian-made helicopters are involved in most of the UN's important, emergency operations, and have built up an impressive operational record. These operations chiefly involve Mi-8/17 series helicopters, the world's heaviest lifting Mi-26T, and irreplaceable Ka-32 models.

Russian helicopters have to operate in extremely difficult climates: enduring a wide range of temperatures, dust storms, downpours, and temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to their great resilience and reliability, Russian helicopters can land on unprepared ground, and work in mountainous areas. They discharge their duties impeccably in any conditions, and that is why they are irreplaceable in carrying out humanitarian and peacekeeping missions, particularly in countries such as Afghanistan, East Timor and countries in Africa (South Sudan, Somalia, among others).

Russian Helicopters place great importance on supporting the operation of helicopters on UN missions. At the Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference, specialists from Russian Helicopters and PANH gave a joint presentation entitled “Russian operators on humanitarian missions: challenges, problems, and experience.” It covered the high flight and operational capabilities of Russian-made machines, and the level of safety – which meets the customer’s highest standards, as can be seen from performance during UN humanitarian missions carried out in challenging conditions.

The Global Humanitarian Aviation Conference & Exhibition is an annual international event hosting discussion of a wide range of issues relating to aviation safety that have an impact on humanitarian air operations, and new developments in the aviation industry. Russian Helicopters specialists met with representatives of UN agencies, other humanitarian organisations, helicopter operators, EASA and FAA experts, and aviation authorities from various countries.

Russian Helicopters, JSC is a subsidiary of UIC Oboronprom, which in turn is a part of State Corporation Rostec. It is one of the global leaders in helicopter production and the only helicopter design and production powerhouse in Russia. Russian Helicopters is headquartered in Moscow. The company comprises five helicopter production facilities, two design bureaus, a spare parts production and repair facility, as well as an aftersale service branch responsible for maintenance and repair in Russia and all over the world. Its helicopters are popular among Russian ministries and state authorities (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Emergency Control Ministry), operators (Gazpromavia, UTair), major Russian corporations. Over 8000 helicopters of Soviet/Russian make are operated in 110 countries worldwide. Traditionally the demand is highest in the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Russia, and CIS countries. Russian Helicopters was established in 2007. In 2013 its IFRS revenues increased 10% to RUB 138.3 billion. Deliveries reached 275 helicopters.

State Corporation Rostec is a Russian corporation founded in 2007 for the purpose of promoting the development, production and export of hi-tech civilian and military industry products. It comprises about 700 organizations, nine of which have now been formed as holding companies of the military-industrial complex and five of them are involved in civil industries. Rostec’s organizations are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply their products to the markets of more than 70 countries. The revenue of Rostec in 2013 amounted to RUB 1, 04 trillion, with net profit of RUB 40 billion. The tax deductions into the treasuries at all levels exceeded RUB 138 billion.

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