Russian Helicopters to participate in the 2016 Farnborough International Airshow
11.07.2016 / Moscow

Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, will take part in the 2016 Farnborough International Airshow, from 11 to 15 of July, 2016.  The Russian company will hold a multimedia presentation featuring the Mi-171A2 multirole helicopter, Mi-38 medium multirole helicopter, Ansat light multirole helicopter and a number of other models.

Russian Helicopters will promote a number of advanced models at the upcoming airshow that have drawn client attention from different countries.   Among those models are the Ka-226T light multirole helicopter, the multi-functional Ansat, the Mi-171A2 and the Mi-38 multirole helicopters. 

“The airshow in Farnborough has always been a forward-thinking talk and the place to position global market players.  As usual, we will showcase our high-tech helicopter models and talk about comprehensive services related to helicopter maintenance. We expect our participation in the coming event to generate profound interest and to facilitate new contracts, as before,” said Russian Helicopters CEO Alexander Mikheev.

Among medium helicopters, one of the key models is the Mi-171A2 multirole helicopter, which is planned to be certified in Q1 2017. It combines unique operating experience of the Mi-8/17 helicopters and latest technical solutions.  

Light helicopter Ansat featuring largest cabin in its class and ability for rapid reconfiguration, and the Ka-226T praised for its precise hovering ability, excellent maneuverability and controllability, maximum safety and simplicity in operation, are the models to most certainly spark interest among guests. 

Special attention must be given to the Mi-38 multirole helicopter, which is considered to be one of the most advanced in the Russian helicopter industry.  The helicopter can fly at exceptionally high speed and altitudes. It can be used for cargo and passenger transportation, perform search and rescue operations and serve as a flying hospital.   The Russian TV7-117V turboshaft engine was developed especially for that helicopter, thus ending the dependence of the Russian helicopter builders from foreign manufacturers. In December 2015, Mi-38 received type certification and is now ready to enter the market. The first buyer of the helicopter will be the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russian Helicopters will demonstrate not only newest models and technologies, but also the after-sales service system that ensures services throughout the entire life cycle of helicopters.   It was first shown at one of the previous airshows in Farnborough.

The Farnborough International Airshow is one of the largest and finest global airshows. Participation in the event, which takes place once every two years, helps to promote new helicopter models and sign large contracts.  The history of Russian manufacturers at Farnborough began in 1984, when the USSR first unveiled achievements of its aviation industry.  At different times, Russian Helicopters brought its Ka-226T, Mi-171A2 and other models to Farnborough. Many of these models ensured the development of breakthrough technologies in the helicopter industry and created the technology advances that are currently used to develop and create new helicopter models.   

Russian Helicopters(part of State Corporation Rostec), is one of the global leaders in helicopter production and the only helicopter design and production powerhouse in Russia. Russian Helicopters was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Moscow. The company comprises five helicopter production facilities, two design bureaus, a spare parts production and repair facility, as well as an aftersale service branch responsible for maintenance and repair in Russia and all over the world. Its helicopters are popular among Russian ministries and state authorities (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Emergency Control Ministry), operators (Gazpromavia, UTair), major Russian corporations. In 2015 its IFRS revenues increased 29,5% to RUB 220,0 billion. Deliveries reached 212 helicopters. 

State Corporation Rostec is a Russian corporation founded in 2007 for the purpose of promoting the development, production and export of hi-tech civilian and military industry products. It comprises 700 organisations, nine of which have now been formed as holding companies of the military-industrial complex, five of them are involved in civil industries and 22 are directly controlled. Rostec’s portfolio includes recognised brands such as Avtovaz, Kamaz, Russian Helicopters, and VSMPO-AVISMA. Rostec’s organisations are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply their products to the markets of more than 70 countries. The revenue of Rostec in 2014 amounted to RUB 964.5 billion. The tax deductions into the treasuries at all levels exceeded RUB 147.8 billion.

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