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Russia offers Peru to buy Mi-171Sh helicopters, armoured vehicles

17.10.2013 / ITAR TASS
Russia has offered Peru to buy Russian-made Mi-171Sh helicopters and armoured vehicles, director of Russia’s federal service for military technical cooperation Alexander Fomin told journalists on Wednesday.

"We have made a concrete offer to our Peruvian partners concerning Mi-171Sh helicopters," he said, commenting on his visit to Brazil and Peru. "I cannot now tell you the quantitative aspect but you can take it from me a very big number of machines is in question."

He said he was speaking about a technical and a commercial offers, which "are already being considered by the Peruvian side." He also said that Russia had formed an offer of armoured vehicles and demonstrated their samples in Peru. Immediate plans are to demonstrate such vehicles in Russia.

"But the priority project is possible supplies of Mi-171Sh helicopters," Fomin noted. He also said that Russia also was ready to overhaul and modernize another batch of MiG-29 planes for Peru. "We have handed over a similar offer concerning repairs of of Su-25 planes," he added.

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