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Two new Mi-35M attack helicopters entered service in Russian Armed Forces

29.10.2013 / RIA Novosti

"The first couple of Mi-35M helicopters currently relocated from the manufacturing plant to the aviation center in Torzhok , wh ere the flight crews of Army Aviation of the Western Military District will be trained for this type of aircraft ," – told colonel Oleg Kochetkov, the head of the press service of the district.

He told that in 2013 the Western Military District received more than 10 modern aircrafts, including Su-34 , Mi-28NE Night Hunters , heavy transports Mi-26.

"More than 20 military aircrafts to be received by the Western Military District soon, - he added. – Including combat helicopters Mi-28N Night Hunters, and military transports Mi-26 and Mi-8MTV-5.

The Mi-35M is a modern multipurpose attack helicopter. It is equipped with missile and gun armament, the practical range with combat payload of this helicopter reaches more than 450 kilometers and the maximum speed - more than 300 kilometers per hour.

The Mi-35M have substantially superior flight capabilities and manoeuvrability in comparison to its predecessor, the Mi-24, and can fly combat missions round the clock and in a range of geographies and climates such as high-temperature and high-altitude environments.  

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