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In 2013 Russian Air Force received more than 30 new helicopters

29.10.2013 / ITAR TASS

Russian Army Air Force units received more than 30 new combat helicopters this year, with several transport and training helicopters to be received until the end of the year - told Air Force spokesman Col. Igor Klimov on the event dedicated for the Army Air Forces 65th anniversary celebration.

"Today the Army Air Forces are equipped with ones of the best helicopters in the world, including Mi-24, Mi-35M, Mi-26, Mi-28NE Night Hunter, Ka-52 Alligator, Ansat-U training helicopter and various Mi-8/17 models, - he told. – Helicopters that were in extensive service are being repaired and overhauled, with more than 70 of them were repaired this year.”

Further development of the Army Aviation should be fueled by acquiring of new aircraft, which are supposed to meet requirements to improve tactical flight characteristics and firing weapons efficiency, Klimov said.

The state defense order provides for the production of about one thousand pieces of new helicopters for Army Aviation to 2020. 

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