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Customers to take delivery of the first Mi-171A2 helicopters in 2015 - company

18.11.2013 / RIA Novosti

The first deliveries of Mi-171А2 to the customers are to commence in 2015, Dmitry Zuikov, the representative of Russian Helicopters, announced at the Dubai Airshow.

Mi-171A2 prototype accomplished its maiden flight in 2012. According to earlier announcements, the serial production of these helicopters is to be launched in 2015.

“Mi-171А2 is the latest unified version of the illustrious Mi-8/17 helicopter family, which is currently under development in Russia. The helicopter is to be serially produced in 2015. The company plans to deliver Mi-171A2 to the first customers in the very same year”, Zuikov said.

According to him, the helicopter shall be produced in a number of configurations: transport, cargo, passenger, VIP and others. “We are currently working on a military version of this rotorcraft”, Zuikov added.

He also reported that Mi-171А2 features maximum speed of 280 km/h, cruise speed of 260 km/h, load capacity of 5 tons, is able to operate within -50° +50° temperature range at a distance of 800 km.

Mi-171А2 helicopter is currently produced at Ulan-Ude Aviation plant and very soon its production will be ramped up in Kazan as well. 

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