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Russian Helicopters intends to expand production of Ka-52 helicopters including export sales

25.12.2013 / Interfax-AVN

The development strategy of Russian Helicopters sets challenging objectives for Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, where Ка-52 “Alligator” combat helicopters are manufactured in series, said Alexander Mikheev, CEO of Russian Helicopters.

“We are going to develop Ka-52 program, and not only for the Russian Air Force. We hope that these helicopters will be exported as well”, said Alexander Mikheev at Progress plant, which was visited by Victor Bondarev, Lieutenant General, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force on Wednesday.

“The State Defense Order for 2013 with regard to the production of Ka-52 helicopters by Progress and Russian Helicopters has been fully implemented”, added Alexander Mikheev.

He also noted that Progress plant is planned to be engaged in the series production of new civil Ka-62 helicopters.

Ka-52 “Alligator”, a utility all-weather combat helicopter, is a two-seat modification of Ka-50 attack helicopter. It is intended for a wide range of combat missions round-the-clock in any season employing all available armament. 

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