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Western Military District receives a batch of Night Hunter helicopters, recently brought into service

09.04.2014 / RIA Novosti

A batch of new Night Hunter combat helicopters, and Mi-8MTV-5 transport helicopters have been delivered to the Western Military District, district press service head Oleg Kochetkov told journalists on Wednesday.

The Mi-28N Night Hunter combat assault helicopter was officially brought into service in late December 2013. Before that, however, it had been operated by military units for several years.

The Defence Ministry tested it in various conditions and developed a dedicated training and support base.

“Three Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters were accepted by aviation engineering service specialists at plants in Rostov on Don and St. Petersburg,” the Western Military District press service head said.

Specialists also accepted the Mi-8MTV-5 combat-transport helicopter.

The Mi-28N Night Hunter is a combat assault helicopter operated by the Russian Air Force. It is designed to carry out search-and-destroy missions against tanks, armoured vehicles and enemy personnel, destroy protected sites and targets (fighting positions, defence installations etc.), offensive mine-planting, to fly search-and-destroy operations against boats and other small naval vessels, and to combat low-speed and low-altitude enemy aircraft day or night in adverse conditions.

The Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopter is a modernised model of the Mi-8MT, developed incorporating combat experience. 

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