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Airbase near St.-Petersburg will be re-armed with new combat helicopters

05.05.2014 /

About ten Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters would be inducted at the army aviation airbase located at Pushkin military airfield near St.-Petersburg till the end of 2014, as it was reported in the Press Service of the Western Military District on Monday, May 5. Pushkin will become a second base in the north-west of Russia, which is equipped with Mi-28N.

The pilots of the base master new helicopters at the combat training center of the army aviation in the town of Torzhok of the Tver Region. Infrastructure for new helicopters is being prepared at the base. It is supposed that first Mi-28N helicopters will be delivered to Pushkin military airfield already in June 2014. On the whole, the army aviation of the Western Military District has obtained about 50 new attack and transport helicopters of different types during 2013-2014.

Currently the Mi-28N helicopter is in service with five army aviation bases of the South and West Military Districts, as well as with the combat training center in Torzhok.

The Mi-28N Night Hunter combat helicopter was officially brought into service at the end of December 2013. Its serial production for the Russian Air Force began in 2007. All together more than 70 helicopters of this type are in service with the Russian Air Force. Moreover, the helicopter is produced for export to Algeria, Iraq and Egypt.  

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