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EMERCOM of Sevastopol receives Ka-32 helicopter

09.06.2014 / Interfax

Ka-32 helicopter has entered service with Sevastopol EMERCOM and is undergoing flight tests.

"Ka-32 helicopter is based at the international airport in Belbek and is capable to carry out the following missions: air surveillance of mountainous and forested ares, in-flight fire fighting, search and rescue operations in difficult to access areas and at sea and in the mountains, evacuation of the injured, as well as supply of humanitarian aid", as it was reported on the official website of Sevastopol EMERCOM.

As of today, the specialists of EMERCOM have developed a plan to prevent and eliminate consequences of emergency situations during the fire season within the city this year with the involvement of EMERCOM aviation and defined helipads and sites for water intake.

It was also noted that on 5 June the employees of Sevastopol EMERCOM examined the areas with the Ka-32 recently received to identify possible seats of fire and rescuers studied dangerous and hard-to-reach areas in the mountains. On 6 June this helicopter promptly transported the newly born baby from Sevastopol to Krasnodar for an urgent surgery. 

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