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Mi-171A2 development is in good hands

03.09.2014 /

Russian Engineering Union is launching a series of publications with stories about the best representatives of the engineering industry on the occasion of the Russian Machine Builders' Day.

Russian machine builders represent different professions and fields of science, production workers and researchers, veterans and young specialists. However, they are all united by absolute devotion to their profession and ambition to become better and work as efficiently as possible, making the most of it to achieve a common goal.

Michail Komar is the director of "Mi-8/17 helicopter" program of Russian Helicopters. He has been working for the company since 2005. Currently, Michail is responsible for one of the most promising development projects of the company, which is Mi-171A2 helicopter.

"I was lucky to choose this profession", says Michail Komar. For that I am grateful to my father who devoted 25 years of his life to aviation. Since I was a child I have wanted to be like him and dreamed of being an aviator. During the school years I attended classes at the flying club, where I studied the structure of sport and training Yak-52 aircraft, mastering basics of aircraft piloting and parachuting. It was extremely interesting to deal with "hardware", even at that time I tried to invent aerial vehicles and made new designs. It was then when I realized that aviation would become my lifework".

After finishing school Michail entered Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy and in 2003 received a degree in aircraft operation and aircraft engine maintenance.

In 2005 Michail Komar joined Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. Almost a few days later he was assigned to a number of important projects, which were implemented under tight deadlines for the benefit of the state aviation. Thus, and thanks to the professionalism of his experienced colleagues, Michail managed to succeed in mastering the basics of design and development management in the shortest possible time. As a chief designer he participated in many projects related to the development of different modifications of Mi-8/17 type helicopters.

When Michail worked for Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, he had training and got certified in the filed of project management (PME), as well as received professional conversion training within the framework of the presidential program. Since 2012 Michail Komar has been leading the "Mi-8/17 helicopter" program in Russian Helicopters and in charge of medium helicopter sector, in particular, the largest global program: Mi-8/17 helicopters.

Michail believes that the Mi-171A2 helicopter development project is the most significant one he has had the chance to work on. "It is of great honor and responsibility for me and my team to work on this project, as the future of the legendary Mi-8 depends on us. Everything depends on our professionalism, ability to clearly set goals and objectives and achieve actual results. There is much to be done, but I am confident that we will cope with it and succeed!"

Mi-171A2 is a priority project for Russian Helicopters. Great potential contributed to the Mi-8 structure by its designers together with complete modernization will allow this aircraft to stay in the market for at least 20 more years.

"It was important for us to design an aircraft that would meet the requirements of the customer to the greatest possible extent", says Michail. "The new helicopter combines the best advantages of the family of Mi-8/17 helicopters and the latest development achievements in materials science and engineering, controls and management system. The helicopter is also equipped with more powerful engines, a new main rotor system, complies with environmental compatibility and has reduced noise level. The helicopter is expected to feature the maximum speed of 280 kilometers per hour, the cruise speed of 260 kilometers per hour, cargo capacity of 5 tonnes and operate at temperatures from -50 to +50°С".

Michail adores his work and thinks high of his mission: "Work gives me the opportunity for development, self-improvement, using my knowledge and skills in practice. It is pleasant to realize that you contribute to the business of Russian helicopter industry development and most importantly see certain results of your efforts realized in the new Mi-171A2 helicopter which the hopes of the Russian helicopter industry have been pinned on".

Moreover, Mikhail manages innovative projects and other Mi-8/17 helicopter programs which the activities of many operators depend on. As of today, Mi-8/17 helicopter fleet exceeds 12000 units in 100 countries operated by thousands of different companies. These helicopters perform highly important, challenging and very often dangerous missions: they are involved in fire-fighting, operations by special forces, delivering humanitarian supplies, evacuation people from disaster areas, etc.

"I understand that what I do is important and required by others. That makes me move forward and achieve best results", says Mikhail. 

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