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Russian forces to receive around 230 helicopters and planes in 2014

02.09.2014 / RIA Novosti

This year the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are going to receive at least 230 new helicopters and planes, out of which 50 aircraft have already been supplied to the forces, said Sergey Shoygu, General of the Army, Minister of Defence, at the meeting held in the Russan Ministry of Defence.

"As you may know, state-of-the-art aviation is being actively supplied to the Armed Forces. This year alone more than 230 aircraft is going to be received,” Shoigu said.

According to the Minister, 50 units of these aircraft have already been supplied to the forces and 180 units more are going to enter service by the end of the year. He noted that it is necessary to put increased focus on mastering the use of aviation equipment and increasing its operational safety in these circumstances. 

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