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01.02.2016 / Luxe And Class

ANSAT HELICOPTER is a light multipurpose helicopter in a VIP version that is designed to carry up to 7 passengers in style.  One of ANSAT’S biggest advantages is that it has the largest cabin in its class. This allows achieving maximum comfort for passengers.  And with the layout that has 5 seats, the comfortable cabin allows to have two closets, a full luggage compartment with a built-in mini-bar and even a carrying case for guns. 

ANSAT’s comfortable interior provides modern air conditioning with individual settings for lights and airflow. The interior is equipped with energy-absorbing seats with armrests, and additional furniture can be added upon customer’s request. The latest sound-proof technology allows passengers to communicate using aviation headphones in flight.

Interior may be covered with artificial or natural leather or decorative coatings with different textures and colors. The surface can be decorated with ornaments with natural veneer of valuable wood. The variety of multimedia capabilities are virtually limitless and depend only on the wishes of the customer.

ANSAT combines traditional and innovative technical solutions: it features all-metal fuselage design that ensures reliability.  And at the same time, composite materials in non-power components and blades - which are also made of composites - allow to increase the lifespan of these machines.  Hingeless rotor head provides a high level of control when piloting a helicopter in difficult conditions. 

By European standards, ANSAT belongs to the class of medium-sized helicopters, while in Russia it is categorized as a light helicopter.  It is built on the classic single-rotor scheme with the tail rotor.  ANSAT is designed in accordance with the AP-29 (FAR-29) "A" category and has a high level of structural safety.   It features two PW-207K engines with a digital control system (FADEC), plenty of power, which ensures  continued safe flight in case of failure of one engine, and also provides a safe auto landing in case of a failure of all engines.

ANSATs are designed and manufactured at a Russian Helicopters’ Kazan Helicopter Plant.  A certified ANSAT can also be used to carry goods and passengers, for surveillance, search and rescue, fire-fighting and medical evacuation operations.

In August 2015, at the MAKS-2015 airshow in Moscow Russian Helicopters showed the VIP version of the helicopter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, the head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, as well as to the King of Jordan, Vice President, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai, and other high-ranked foreign officials.

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