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Russia, India begin work on Ka-226T Helicopter Production Agreement

28.01.2016 / RIA Novosti

Under an agreement between the Russian and Indian governments with regard to cooperation in the helicopter industry, the production of no less than 200 Ka-226T helicopters and its modifications will be organized in India.

Russia and India have commenced a large project aimed to produce no less than 200 Ka-226T light utility multirole helicopters, as RIA Novosti was informed on Thursday by the press office of Russian Helicopters (part of State Corporation Rostec).

During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Moscow last December, the Russian and Indian governments signed the agreement on cooperation in the helicopter industry.  According to the document, no less than 200 of the Ka-226T helicopters and its modifications will be manufactured in India.

The agreement also includes maintenance, operation, repairs of helicopters and provision of technical support.  "Currently, the sides have begun implementing the agreement. Large-scale international deals usually have a lengthy preparation period, with deal details kept confidential. All work is being carried out in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Technical consultations and talks between the Russian and Indian companies involved in the project are already being conducted," said the company's press service.  

The press office noted that “there are no contradictions between the partners”. “In the nearest future we will approve technical and organizational details covering all key parameters.  The holding specialists are currently assessing production capacity of our Indian partners,” informed the holding company.

According to the agreements, the localization of components “will be very deep: the contract will be implemented in accordance with the 'Make in India' program adopted by the Indian government.”

The light multirole Ka-226T helicopter was designed by Kamov Design Bureau (a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters) and is serially produced at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise.  It has a coaxial main rotor system and is noted for excellent controllability and power-to-weight ratio.

KA-226T is equipped with modern flight control equipment.  The helicopter easily maneuvers in dense urban and mountainous areas.  Absence of a tail rotor and compact size make it possible to use on small landing pads.  Ka-226T boasts low noise level and meets all latest environmental performance requirements. It has a swappable transport module allowing to change the helicopter’s functionality within a short time. 

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