Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company Helicopter factory

The history of the Progress Aresenyev Aviation Company (Progress AAC) named after Nikolai Sazykin dates back to 1936, when it opened as Aircraft Repair Plant No. 116 in the town of Arsensyev in Russia’s Far East. Over its 70-year history, the plant has shifted from aircraft repair to aircraft production, and has become one of the leading companies in the region. The company is named in honour of Nikolai Sazykin, who served as director from 1959 to 1976 and made an enormous contribution to the development of the company and the town of Arsenyev.

In 1969, Progress AAC started production of the legendary Mi-24 and continued to produce this model for almost twenty years. Today the company produces one of the most exceptional combat models of its class – the Ka-52 Alligator, which is supplied to the Russian Air Force and may be offered for export. The company is also preparing to start production of the naval modification of this helicopter – the Ka-52K.

As well as producing military helicopters, Progress AAC is also preparing for the mass production of the multirole Ka-62 commercial helicopter designed by Kamov Design Bureau as part of international cooperation with major European companies. Production of the Ka-62 is due to start in 2015.

Progress AAC is currently upgrading its production facilities, introducing innovative technologies as part of the government’s plan to modernise Russia’s defence industries through 2020. The first phase of the programme is the refitting of the company's foundry production facilities and the second phase involves reconstruction and refitting of the composite and mechanical production facilities, the introduction of digital technologies and computer support, as well as measures to improve energy efficiency.

Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company works closely with other Russian Helicopters enterprises and regularly accepts foundry orders for other plants.