Reductor-PM Manufacture of components

Reductor-PM was created in 1995 from a gearbox plant originally operated by Perm Motors, an engine-building company. Reductor-PM is one of the largest enterprises in Russia specialising in the production and after-sales servicing of helicopter gearbox and transmission units.

Reductor-PM produces, repairs and services the main gearbox and transmission units on the Mi-8/17Mi-26(T)Mi-28NE Night Hunter and Ansat models. In the near future it will also begin production of gearbox and transmission units for the Mi-38.

The plant also plays an active role in upgrade projects for the Mi-8/17 and Mi-26(T) models. The first new 8M transmissions for Mi-8/17 helicopters were supplied to customers in 2009, more than doubling the new tail rotor unit’s transmission capacity. This also facilitates operation as part of the power unit with the VK-2500 engine.

Reductor-PM is currently upgrading its production facilities as part of Russian Helicopters' modernisation programme, by purchasing and installing new high-performance equipment, building modern energy-efficient test stands, and creating state-of-the-art thermochemical processing facilities.

Russian Helicopters has also established a centre of excellence for the design and production of helicopter transmission accessories and test stands at Reductor-PM. The plant has designed, built and certified unique test stands for its 8M transmission units, tail transmission units and Mi-28NE Night Hunter angular gearboxes that are suited for both prescreen and endurance testing. Installation of the test stand for VR-8A and VR-14 main gearbox units has now been completed. All test stands incorporate efficient mechanically closed kinematic schemes that use modern measuring and monitoring components. A special automated management system has also been created.