Reductor-PM Manufacture of components

Reductor-PM was established on August 31, 1995 as an independent enterprise from the gearbox production facilities at the Perm Engine-Building Group — Perm Motors.

The history of gearbox production began on October 6, 1951.

  • 1952 — the plant began mass production of R-1 gearboxes for the Mi-1 helicopter and R-5 for the Mi-4 helicopter
  • 1958 — the plant began mass production of R-7 gearboxes for the Mi-6 helicopter
  • 1964 — the plant launched production of VR-8A gearboxes for the Mi-8 helicopter
  • 1975 — the plant set a record by producing 838 gearboxes of different types
  • 1982 — the plant began producing VR-26 gearboxes for the Mi-26 helicopter, the heaviest in the world
  • 1986 — the plant began producing VR-14 gearboxes for Mi-8MT, Mi-14 and Mi-17 helicopters
  • 1994 — the plant produced the first gearboxes for the Mi-34 helicopter — the primary VR-34 gearbox and the HR-34 tail gearbox
  • 1995 — Reductor-PM was separated from Perm Motors
  • 1995 — the company produced R-25, 2500 kW gearboxes for gas-turbine-power units and VR-29 and HR-29 gearboxes for Mi-28N helicopters
  • 1997 — the company produced pilot VR-23 and HR-23 gearboxes for the Kazakh-made ANSAT helicopter
  • 1999 — the company produced R-45, 4000 kW gearboxes for gas-turbine-power units
  • 2001 — a complete set of transmission accessories for Mi-28N helicopters was produced on a trial basis
  • 2002 — the first batch of sample R-1.6–1500 gearboxes for GTP-1.6d 1.5MW power plants was completed
  • 2002 — mass production of gearboxes for PS-90A aviation engines and gas-turbine power units begins
  • 2003 — 6 MW R-60 gearboxes for Ural-6000 gas-turbine power units produced
  • 2004 — mass production of transmissions for ANSAT helicopters begins
  • 2005 — both stand and flight tests of 8M transmissions for all models of Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters performed
  • 2007 — Successful completion of state stand tests for Mi-28NE transmissions, after which the programme to re-arm the Russian armed forces began. The programme is planned to run until 2015.
  • 2007 — Beginning of tail transmission production for Mi-38 helicopters to conduct R&D work at the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant.
  • 2009 — Reductor-PM becomes a part of Russian Helicopters
  • 2009 — mass production of upgraded 8M transmissions for all models of Mi-8 and Mi-17 transmissions begins
  • 2009 — a decision is made to establish a Centre of Transmission Competence in Perm, Russia’s largest centre for the production of helicopter gearboxes and transmissions, which will allow helicopter plants to be provided with the necessary accessories in accordance with UIC Oboronprom’s strategy to develop its helicopter-building business
  • 2010 — a licence was received to develop aviation technology, including dual-use aircrafts