Stupino Machine Production Plant Manufacture of components

Stupino Machine Production Plant (SMPP) was founded in 1948 as Plant No. 120 for the mass production of airplane propellers.

Since its foundation, SMPP has overseen the production of 20 basic products, each of which has led to numerous modifications and is employed in various aircraft models operated worldwide.

Today the plant produces accessories for most Russian-made helicopters.

The plant boasts unique facilities and highly qualified staff. It is fully capable of handling the complete production cycle for rotorcraft accessories, including machine processing, thermochemical processing, foundry production, production of rubber and plastic fittings, electroplating and painting, as well as production of instruments. Exhaustive wear and fatigue tests are also conducted at SMPP, and serve as an additional check for product quality and robustness.

The plant's impressive technical pre-production operations, highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment means that SMPP can swiftly and smoothly launch the production of complex products of any kind. This allows the plant to play a key role in upgrading existing models and launching new products from Russian Helicopters.

SMPP works closely with the designers from Kamov Design Bureau, as well as other noted Russian design schools. Stupino Machine Production Plant also conducts its own experimental design projects and finds solutions for developing new prototypes, in particular, the creation of core systems for transport and passenger helicopter.