Stupino Machine Production Plant Manufacture of components

Stupino Machine Production Plant (SMPP) was founded in 1948. In the prewar period, beginning in 1936 and lasting through World War II, this facility produced propellers for I-15, I-16, I-153 and MIG-3 fighters; Pe-2, TU-2, IL-4 and IL-10 bombers; Il-2 attack aircraft, and LI-2 transport planes.

In total, wartime propeller production by SMPP equipped 70,000 military aircraft, including 40,000 of the legendary Il-2 attack planes.

From the late 1940s propeller manufacturing operations set about producing four-blade propellers for IL-12 and IL-14 passenger aircraft.

A big achievement took place in 1954 when production began on fundamentally new co-axial propellers and rotation regulators for aircrafts developed by the Tupolev design bureau. In 1957, the first Tu-114 passenger jet with such propellers took flight. In the same year production of four-blade propellers for medium-lift IL-18 and An-10 aircraft began, as well as An-8 and An-12 transport aircraft designed by the Antonov design bureau.

Beginning in 1962, the enterprise started manufacturing propellers for An-24 passenger aircraft and its subsequent models, An-26 and An-30. In late 1966 it introduced its first coaxial propeller for the heavyweight An-22 Antei cargo plane.

Along with production of propellers for turboprop aircraft, from the beginning of the 1960s the enterprise actively developed and manufactured core systems for helicopters designed by Mil design bureau: heavy Mi-6 and its subsequent models, Mi-10 and Mi-10K.

Beginning in 1965, serial production of hubs and main rotor swash plates for Mi-8 began.

The next step was the serial production of the rotor complex (rotor head and tail rotor) for heavy-use Mi-26 amphibious transport helicopters, which have a carrying capacity of 20 tons and to this day have no equal worldwide. Large and complex parts of this complex are made of titanium alloy.

Beginning in 1992, SMPP and the Kamov design department began collaborating to produce coaxial core systems.

Thereafter, despite all the economic difficulties, accessories (rotor, swash plate, transmission and tail rotor) for the new Ka-62 helicopter were developed alongside the overhaul of coaxial core systems for multi-purpose, high-performance Ka-32 civil helicopters.

SMPP works closely with the designers from Kamov Design Bureau, as well as other noted Russian design schools. Stupino Machine Production Plant also conducts its own experimental design projects and finds solutions for developing new prototypes, in particular, the creation of core systems for transport and passenger helicopter.