Russian Helicopters’ management meets students at the MAKS-2011 air show.
8 agosto 2011

On August 19, executives from Russian Helicopters met students at the MAKS-2011 air show. At the meeting for Russian Helicopters were deputy CEO for science and technology, Andrei Shibitov; the director of the company’s scientific research centre, Dmitriy Podoryaschy; the director of programme management, Dmitriy v. Kozyrev; the head of personnel, Lubava Orlova. They spoke with students from Moscow Aviation University and the Tsiolkovsky Russian State Technical University (MATI) and a representative of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

The Russian Helicopters managers told the students about the company’s goals and promising projects and the latest developments in helicopter engineering. They also discussed opportunities for students to become involved in science and research work.

More details on employment opportunities and student involvement in upcoming projects at Russian Helicopters will be presented at the Open Doors Day at the company’s Science and Technology Complex this autumn. Open Doors Day will also include demonstrations of production and prototype helicopters currently being manufactured and tested.

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