21st Century Helicopters 2010-2011.
1 noviembre 2010 — 1 mayo 2011

The results of the 2010–2011 21st Century Helicopters design and engineering competition, sponsored by Russian Helicopters and the Corporate University of UIC Oboronprom, were announced in May 2011. The 60-plus entrants included representatives of more than 15 technical universities and the whole of the Russian helicopter industry.
Fourteen teams reached the final round, including graduate students from the Far East State Technical University and Kemerovo State University, as well as employees of the Zhukovsky Central Aerodynamics Institute and Russian Helicopters subsidiaries Kamov, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, Rostvertol, Reductor-PM, and Helicopter Service Company.

Case studies:

First place: Dmitry Dedovets (Kamov), for the case studies «Electric helicopter» and «Individual control of a main rotor blade».
Second place: Alexander Zuev (Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company), for «Reducing the processing effort of large-sized parts».

Winners by category:

Design Development:
First place: Ilya Taratonov (Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant), for «Design for an ergonomically engineered multi-stage control system».
Second place: Dmitry Zhdanov (Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant), for «Prospects for a high-speed transverse-blade helicopter».
Third place: Vadim Pshenichny (Reductor-PM), for «Rotating propeller transmission on a convertible aircraft».

Improving Helicopter Programme Efficiency:

First place: Alexander Zuev (Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company), Anton Gubankov (Far East branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Eduard Mursalimov (graduate student, Far East State Technical University), for «Automated robotic complex for accurate machine processing and finishing of spatial enclosed composite parts for helicopters».
Second place: Dmitry Vyatchanin (Reductor-PM), for «Methods of controlling the distribution of power flow to the gears of multithreading helicopter transmission schemes».
Third place: Alexander Moiseev (Helicopter Service Company), for «Development (including ergonomics) of the automated workflow system and information processing on after-sales helicopter service using intellectual networking».

Development of New Aviation Technology and Materials:

First place: Victor Dubrov, Gennady Toiskin and Ivan Samoschenko (Rostvertol), for «Optimising control of the composite aviation polymer design process using thermo-kinetic finite-element models of polymerisation».
Second place: Mikhail Voronov (Russian Helicopters), for «Improving methods for calculating the characteristics of helicopter engines using modern numerical methods.»
Third place: Alexander Shmatkov (Rostvertol), for «Mechatronic complex for manufacturing aluminium foil cell fillers for helicopter blades.»

Diplomas were awarded to Sergey Kogodeev, Eugene Pentsak and Mikhail Bondarenko (students of Kemerovo State University), for «Development of a technique for obtaining next-generation carbon fibres from coal isotropic and mesophase pitch, and a study of their structure and properties.»

Calculation Work:

First place: Ruslan Mirgazov (Zhukovsky Central Aerodynamics Institute), for «Calculations influencing the shape and speed of rotor blade tips to advance and modernise helicopter speed to the level of peak sound pressure.»
Second place: Gleb Anishchenko, Andrey Rudakov, Konstantin Molin (MIL Moscow Helicopter Plant), for «Using finite-element methods analysis to rate heavy-load transmission gears.»

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